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Our technology converts your patient vist into detailed SOAP notes in realtime. We streamline your notetaking workflow to also improve billing, compliance, and discharge processes.

With Ribbon, you can focus more on what truly matters—providing quality care and spending meaningful time with your patients.

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Understand Your Patient's Story

With our timeline of patient visit summaries, quickly grasp your patient's journey and make informed decisions without sifting through pages of notes.

AI-Assisted Diagnosis and More!

Ribbon's advanced AI not only suggests diagnoses and treatment plans but also assists with billing codes and generates comprehensive discharge instructions, streamlining your workflow saving you an average of TWO hours every day

You're in Control

While Ribbon ensures thorough and accurate documentation, you retain complete control to edit and personalize each note, ensuring they meet your unique professional standards.

Privacy and Protection

Ribbon is HIPAA-compliant using industry best-practices for security. All data is encrypted and stored in US-based data centers to protect patient privacy. All team members complete annual security awareness training, HIPAA training, and privacy training.

Simplified Workflow: Seamlessly Navigate Through These Steps

Step 1 - Record with Ease

Start the patient encounter by hitting record. Ribbon captures your conversation effortlessly.

Step 2 - AI Generated Notes

Our AI transforms the recording into a comprehensive SOAP note. It's all there, so you can focus on connecting with your patients.

Step 3 - Reference Data at Hand

Access potential diagnoses, treatment plans, and ICD-10/HCC codes, making your clinical decisions informed and efficient.

Step 4 - Discharge Excellence

Generate patient discharge summaries and instructions seamlessly. Provide patients with clear post-visit guidance, enhancing their overall experience.

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Say hi to the Ribbon Crew!

We're a mix of dedicated technologists, innovative creatives working with devoted health workers, and insightful patients. Our team's combined expertise and unique perspectives give us the ability to reimagine the realm of patient charting. We strive for empathy, innovation, and accessibility in all that we do, aiming to build a product that makes healthcare more intuitive and responsive for providers and patients alike.

Mehul Patel

Mehul Patel


With a decade of experience, including Amazon AWS, Nike Germany, and 2 Y-Combinator startups, Mehul has a passion for product and a keen focus on user experience. He now co-leads Ribbon, striving to deliver an intuitive and innovative healthcare solution.

Mitesh Patel

Mitesh Patel


A tech veteran with over 20 years of experience, Mitesh has a people-first approach he honed through impactful roles at organizations like The March of Dimes,, and Now at Ribbon, he co-leads the mission to reshape healthcare experiences with intuitive and innovative solutions.


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